Colonoscopy and EGD

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Here is a list of our health care providers that currently provide these services.
Dr. Daniel Munzing
Dr. Daniel Munzing
, Dr. Jennie Eckstrom
Dr. Jennie Eckstrom
, Dr. Bayne French
Dr. Bayne French


This is a nonsurgical procedure that can help your doctor diagnose your digestive problem or a screening test to determine if you are at risk for colon cancer. This routine procedure allows your doctor to see directly inside your lower digestive tract (colon and rectum). Based on the results of your colonoscopy, your doctor can determine the best course of action. Your doctor checks the lining of your colon with an instrument that is a thin, flexible tube. A computer chip at the end of the scope picks up the image of your colon and sends it to a TV a screen. This allows your doctor to view an enlarged picture of your colon. If your doctor sees polyps or other growths during the procedure, they can often be removed and biopsied at that time. Intravenous sedation and medicines are available to help lesson discomfort at the time of the colonoscopy.


EGD (Esphagogastroduodenoscopy) - the EGD is a procedure in which a scope (lighted tube) is introduced through the mouth and into the stomach and the first part of the small intestine. Intravenous sedation and medicines are available to help lesson discomfort. EGD is a technique by which upper abdominal organs can be evaluated for abnormalities. These include the following: ulcers, inflammation, polyps, cancers, and diverticulum. Any abnormalities seen during the procedure can be biopsied at that time.

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